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Kunert Stroller TIARO


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        The Kunert Tiaro Premium is a versatile baby stroller designed for children up to 15 kg. It features an aluminum... Read more Read more


        The Kunert Tiaro Premium is a versatile baby stroller designed for children up to 15 kg. It features an aluminum frame, puncture-free gel wheels, and an eco-leather handle. This pram includes a carrycot, sport seat, and car seat, enhanced with a rain cover, mosquito net, and shopping basket for convenience.

        Kunert Stroller TIARO

        Woman pushing Kunert Stroller TIARO by the lakeside, showcasing portability

        Main Benefits

        • Puncture-Free Gel Wheels: Smooth Ride
        • Eco-Friendly & Washable Coconut Mattress
        • Versatile Design: Carrycot to Sport Seat
        • Modern frame design of the Kunert Stroller TIARO showcasing its build

          Lightweight, Durable Frame

          Durable aluminum Kunert Stroller TIARO frame ensures effortless maneuverability and seamless navigation.

        • GIF of easily folding Kunert Stroller TIARO for convenient storage

          Effortless Folding

          Find the red button on the handle's right side to fold the Kunert Stroller TIARO. Securely lock the safety mechanism with a distinct click sound for safe transportation.

        • GIF of easily  unfolding Kunert Stroller TIARO for convenient storage

          Easy Unfolding

          Remove the safety pin from the Kunert Stroller TIARO baby pram. Lift the handle to lock securely. Attach the carrycot or sport seat for full setup.

        • Kunert Stroller TIARO's ventilated bassinet for baby's comfort on the

          Proper Ventilation for Your Child

          Prioritize proper ventilation for your child's comfort with the Kunert Stroller TIARO.

        • Detailed view of Kunert Stroller TIARO's handle and control buttons

          Eco-Leather Covered Adjustable Handle

          Customize height for perfect fit. Kunert Stroller TIARO handle with eco-leather grip for comfort on strolls. Style and practicality combined.

        • Kunert Stroller TIARO seat transformation animation for versatile use

          Comfortable and Customizable Seating

          The Kunert Stroller TIARO carrycot offers a five-stage backrest adjustment to gently raise your baby's head, ideal for curious infants.

        Technical Data

        • Frame: Aluminum
        • Wheels: Gel material
        • Handle: Eco-leather
        • Padding: Soft fabric
        Additional Data
        • Folding: Compact design
        • Safety: EN 1888-1:2018 compliant
        • Braking: Central system
        • Adjustability: Multi-position handle and seat adjustments
        • Ventilation: Integrated in carrycot and canopy

        Experience the unbeatable combination of safety, convenience, and thoughtful design with the Kunert Stroller TIARO