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Kunert ISOFIX Base

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The Click ‘n’ Drive system of Kunert ISOFIX Base for car seats offers a quick and easy way to attach... Read more Read more

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          The Click ‘n’ Drive system of Kunert ISOFIX Base for car seats offers a quick and easy way to attach and detach the car seat from its base. This feature is especially convenient for parents who need a hassle-free solution for transporting their children. The system includes clear indicators for correct seat attachment, with both visual and audible alerts to ensure the seat is properly installed. This added safety measure is invaluable for parents' peace of mind.

          The base is compatible with Kunert Cosmo Car Seat. This compatibility means parents can continue using the same base as their child grows and moves to different seat models, eliminating the need to buy a new base for each stage of child growth.

          For further assistance, there are instructional videos available online. One video demonstrates how to install the base, and another shows how to attach the Pixel seat (which is part of the 3-in-1 set) to the Isofix IQ base. Additionally, there's a list of compatible vehicles available, ensuring that parents can check if their car is suitable for these products.