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Kunert Stroller IVENTO GLAM

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The Kunert Stroller IVENTO GLAM offers a luxurious and safe travel solution for your child. Featuring a modernist 3D gondola,... Read more Read more


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      The Kunert Stroller IVENTO GLAM offers a luxurious and safe travel solution for your child. Featuring a modernist 3D gondola, ergonomic bamboo interiors, and comprehensive safety features, this stroller combines style with functionality. It's equipped with a thermos, changing mattress, and a stylish accessory bag.

      The Kunert Ivento Glam Stroller in an elegant room.

      The Kunert Ivento Glam Stroller in a room
      Mother with her child and the Kunert Ivento Glam Stroller

      Kunert Stroller IVENTO GLAM

      Luxurious black and gold patterned Kunert Stroller IVENTO fully assembled

      Main Benefits

      • Luxury Comfort with Bamboo Interiors
      • Ultra-Safe with Advanced Features
      • Stylish and Functional Design
      • Side view of the sophisticated Kunert Stroller IVENTO with golden accents and spacious basket

        Absolute Perfection

        Crafted with expertise, the Kunert Stroller IVENTO is a modern and multifunctional item that stands out.

      • Close-up of the IVENTO logo on the Kunert Stroller IVENTO chassis, emphasizing quality

        Gold or Graphite Emblem

        Explore the unique 3D carrycot of Kunert Stroller IVENTO with a modernist form that sets it apart from other strollers.

      • Close-up of the stylish pattern and logo detail on the Kunert Stroller IVENTO canopy

        Elegance Enhanced

        Upgrade Kunert Stroller IVENTO with our stylish gold or graphite emblem options.

      • Elegant folded Kunert Stroller IVENTO showcasing its compact design and golden wheels

        Compact Stroller Frame

        Enjoy the Kunert Stroller IVENTO convenience with its lightweight and space-saving design.

      • Detail of the ergonomic handle on the Kunert Stroller IVENTO with gold trim highlights

        Luxurious Aesthetics

        The Kunert Stroller IVENTO offers ultimate sophistication with a sleek carbon-structured handle for enhanced elegance.

      • Interior view of the Kunert Stroller IVENTO's carrycot with soft bamboo lining for comfort

        Bamboo-Infused Mattress and Carrycot Interior

        Enjoy unparalleled comfort with the Kunert Stroller IVENTO mattress and carrycot interior, crafted from soft bamboo material.

      Technical Data

      Detailed features of the Kunert Stroller IVENTO displayed in an exploded view animation
      • Aluminum - Lightweight, durable frame.
      • Bamboo fabric - Antibacterial, soft mattress and lining.
      • Polyurethane foam - Comfortable mattress core.
      • Carbon-style material - Luxurious handle trim.
      • Eco-leather - Easy-clean footrest.
      • Heat-insulating foil - Thermos interior to maintain temperature.
      • Durable fabric - Used for seats and bags for longevity.
      Additional Data
      • Carrycot
        Length : 95 cm
        Width : 59 cm
        Height : 122 cm
        Weight : 13,2 kg
      • Stroller
        Length : 95 cm
        Width : 59 cm
        Height : 115 cm
        Weight : 12,05 kg

      Experience Luxurious and Worry-Free Strolls with the Kunert Stroller IVENTO GLAM