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Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Essential

Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Essential

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Two women walking with Tutis Stroller Viva 4 in a city

Introducing Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Essential Collection - Sophisticated strollers inspired by modern city living

Discover the perfect combination of clean lines, bold color contrasts, and timeless elegance that discerning parents love. Experience the balanced and complementary Yin and Yang color pairing, symbolizing harmony in parenthood. Explore the Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Essential collection, featuring exquisite embroidery and modern wave designs that represent the ever-changing journey of life.

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Lightweight Tutis Viva 4 Thermocot with dimensions & Weight

Ultralight And Thermal Carrycot

The Tutis Stroller Viva 4 carrycot is equipped with THERMO-COT™ technology, which ensures optimal safety. This innovative feature regulates the microclimate inside the carrycot, preventing temperature changes and excess moisture. Additionally, it keeps the mattress dry, providing a comfortable environment for your little one.

a gif showing the updated design of Tutis Stroller Viva 4

Updated design

Tutis Stroller Viva 4 is an improved product both functionally and aesthetically, offering a safer and more streamlined design.

Tutis Viva 4's Magnetic Clasp extension and retraction in GIF

Magnetic Clasp

The leg cover of the Tutis Stroller Viva 4 has been enhanced to include wind protection and invisible magnetic clasps, providing improved functionality.

gif showing the backpack feature or accessory of the stroller


Upgrade your style with the VIVA backpack. Attach it firmly to the Tutis Stroller Viva 4, complete with essential accessories like rain protection, mosquito net, cup holder, and user manual.

a gif showing a feature of the Spacious shopping bag of the stroller

Spacious shopping bag

Each Tutis Viva stroller is equipped with a high-quality shopping bag made of premium eco-leather. This spacious bag provides a convenient storage solution for parents to store their shopping or baby items.

Tutis Stroller Mio Plus Thermo wheel detail showing suspension system

Tutis All-Road Technology Wheels

Crafted by Tutis' skilled engineers, the revolutionary All-Road Technology wheels excel in off-road and forest terrains, ensuring optimal comfort for all.

Close-up of a child in a black Tutis Stroller Mio Plus Thermo with storage basket

Double shock absorption

Experience smooth strolls with the double shock-absorbing system and All-Road Technology wheels. Effortlessly conquer any terrain for a comfortable, bump-free journey.

Why is the Tutis Stroller Viva4 the top stroller choice?

Contents of Tutis Stroller Viva 4 package

What's in the box?

1. Carrycot 
2. Seat unit 
3. Sport chassis 
4. Rain protection 
5. Backpack
6. Cup holder 
7. Shopping basket 
8. Cover for carrycot 
9. Cover for seat unit 
10. Protective handle of seat unit 
11. Mosquito net 
12. Mattress
13.Elo I-Size Car Seat (If you choose 3 IN 1 Package)
14. Tutis Elo Isofix Base (If you choose 4 IN 1 Package)

Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Essential

Technical Data

Dimensions of Tutis Stroller Viva 4 models with weight indicators


⦁ Spacious ultrilight ThermoCot™ carrycot
⦁ Wind protection with magnetic clasps
⦁ Peek-a-boo window
⦁ Ventilation in the hood
⦁ Waterproof zipps
⦁ Decorative embroidery on canopy and leg cover
⦁ Special shiny eco-leather to be seen
⦁ Internal cotton fabrics with SILVER-IONS™ technology
⦁ Water-resistant and UV 50+ protection materials