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Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP

Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP

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Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP in Pastel Green by KIDZNBABY

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP 5-in-1 Tricycle: a compact, versatile trike that evolves with your

Explore the Kinderkraft SPINSTEP 5-in-1 tricycle: a flexible trike that adapts from a stroller alternative to a standalone ride. Safety features like a 360° swivel seat, waterproof canopy, and puncture-resistant wheels cater to every need.

Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP in Pastel Green by KIDZNBABY

Kinderkraft Tricycle TWINSTEP Main Benefits

  • Mobility & Comfort: 360° swivel seat for flexible viewing
  • Adaptable Design: Grows with child, adjustable seat-to-pedal
  • Protection: Waterproof, UPF50+ hood for UV and weather defense

Product Video: Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP

  • Various stages of green Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP transformation.

    5 IN 1 Multi Functional Tricycle

    The Kinderkraft SPINSTEP Tricycle features a modular frame for easy component detachment, allowing customization based on your child's abilities.

  • Photo of a green Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP with a child and mother.

    Transforms To A Stroller

    The Kinderkraft SPINSTEP offers 360-degree rotation for flexible seating options.

  • Features of Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP's canopy with weather icons.

    Water-Resistant Hood

    The Kinderkraft SPINSTEP tricycle provides excellent protection with its waterproof, extendable hood crafted from UPF50+ material.

  • Green Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP with highlighted storage basket.

    Adaptable Seat Adjustment

    Adjust the seat of the Kinderkraft SPINSTEP to accommodate your child as they grow.

  • Detailed features of Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP with seat and wheels.

    Ride Safely

    Comfortable seating with the adjustable three-point safety harness. Accessible front-opening guard rail and rear wheel brakes included.

  • Close-up of the Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP's Wheel

    Free Wheel Function

    The Kinderkraft SPINSTEP tricycle prioritizes fun and safety with a free wheel function for energetic pedaling while maintaining speed control.

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  • Detailed view of the Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP's pedal and wheel.

    Foldable Footrest

    Kinderkraft SPINSTEP Tricycle's modular design lets you remove components effortlessly, no tools needed. Customize the trike for your child's skills.

  • Side view of the Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP showing brake system.

    Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Wheel

    You won't need to pump the wheels of the Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP. They are large and ideal for both forest trails and city activities.

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP in Pastel Green by KIDZNBABY

    Flexible Handle For The Parents

    Kinderkraft SPINSTEP offers comfort, foam-finished handle for pleasant touch and firm grip.

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP convertible modes with colored backgrounds.

    Super Simple To Fold

    Easily fold and store Kinderkraft SPINSTEP, perfect for walks and trips.

  • Teddy bear in storage basket of green Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP.

    A Pair Of Functional Baskets

    Increase storage with Kinderkraft SPINSTEP tricycle, showcasing rear and front baskets for child essentials on walks.

  • Close-up of Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP handlebar and footrest details.

    Helpful Extras

    Includes a bag that attaches to parent handle. Features a loud bell and cup holder.

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Video Manual Of Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP

Kinderkraft Tricycle SPINSTEP

Technical Data

Dimensions Of Kinderkraft Tricycle TWINSTEP


Steel Frame

  • The frame is crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring sturdiness, durability, and resistance to intensive use. This robust construction guarantees longevity and reliability in demanding environments.

PU Wheels

  • The wheels are made from premium Polyurethane (PU), offering exceptional durability and smooth maneuverability. Designed to withstand regular wear and tear, these PU wheels provide a seamless and efficient movement experience.

Waterproof Polyester Hood

  • The hood is constructed from waterproof polyester, ensuring protection against the elements. Additionally, it is crafted from UPF50+ material, offering high-level protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. This combination ensures that the hood not only keeps the interior dry but also shields against sun exposure.

Additional data

Materials and Construction

  • Frame: High-quality steel for sturdiness, durability, and resistance to intensive use.
  • Wheels: Premium Polyurethane (PU) for durability and smooth maneuverability. Front wheel diameter: 24.5 cm, Rear wheel diameter: 21 cm.
  • Hood: Waterproof polyester with UPF50+ material for protection against rain and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Dimensions and Adjustability

  • Unfolded Bike Dimensions: Length: 106 cm, Height: 103 cm, Width: 50.5 cm.
  • Folded Bike Dimensions: Length: 71.5 cm, Height: 56 cm, Width: 51 cm.
  • Seat Dimensions: Main Seat: Width: 32 cm, Height: 50 cm. Additional Seating Area: Width: 17.5 cm, Depth: 14 cm.
  • Parent Handle Adjustment: 3 positions ranging from 93 to 108 cm for optimal comfort and control.

Weight and Capacity

  • Weight: 10 kg, making it lightweight and portable.
  • Age Suitability: Designed for children from 9 months to 5 years, accommodating a broad range of developmental stages.


Ideal for active families, the Kinderkraft SPINSTEP turns every outing into a memorable exploration