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Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST

Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST

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Father adjusting Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle for child on beach

Kinderkraft EASYTWIST Tricycle: A brilliantly designed, multifunctional ride

The Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle features easy adjustments, safety with a five-point harness, rear brakes, and comfort with a UPF 50+ hood and adjustable backrest.

Mother and child playing near Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle on beach

Kinderkraft TWINSTEP Main Benefits

  • CLICK&TWIST 360° swivel seat for easy adjustment
  • Durable magnesium alloy frame
  • Spacious, reclining seat for comfort
  • Waterproof, UPF 50+ hood for protection
  • Versatile 5-in-1 design adapts with your child

Product Video: Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST

  • Close-up of Kinderkraft EASYTWIST logo on magnesium alloy frame.

    Long-Lasting Magnesium Alloy Frame

    Lightweight magnesium alloy frame for balance and control. Single cast for durability.

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST with 360-degree rotating seat.

    CLICKTWIST 360° Rotation Seat

    The innovative CLICKTWIST system adjusts the seat position for eye contact and sightseeing.

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST adjustable features and button detail.

    Adaptable Backrest

    Adjustable backrest offers optimal sitting and reclining positions for comfort and naps.

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST with UPF 50+ sun protection.

    Hood For All Types Of Weather

    Protect toddler in all weather with waterproof hood and UPF 50+ fabric. Kinderkraft EASYTWIST adjusts easily for naptime.

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST 5-in-1 stages for 9-30+ months

    Structured Design

    The Kinderkraft EASYTWIST bike adapts to your child's needs, improving coordination and developing skills while preparing for independent riding.

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST seat dimensions for comfort

    Spacious Seat Featuring A Relaxing Backrest

    The Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST ensures comfort with a wide seat and supportive backrest for correct posture.

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  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST secure 5-point harness system.

    Flexible Five-Point Restraint System

  • Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle handlebar and safety harness detail

    Removable Bar

  • Durable wheel of Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle for kids

    Long-Lasting PU Wheels

  • Pedal and wheel mechanism of Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle

    Free Wheel Function

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST adjustable handlebar height.

    Telescopic Handle For The Parents

  • Adjustable footrest on Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle for toddlers

    Collapsible Footrest

  • Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST disassembled parts for storage

    Effortless Transportation

  • Comfortable seat padding of Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle

    Simple-To-Maintain Cover

  • Spacious storage bag on Kinderkraft EASYTWIST tricycle

    Useful Attachments

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Video Manual Of Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST

Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST

Technical Data

Kinderkraft Tricycle EASYTWIST in three colors for toddlers