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Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY


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  • Easy Fold & Go: One-hand fold for effortless transport!
    • All-Weather Ready: Waterproof hood, sunshade, rain cover.
    • Durable & Stylish: Puncture-resistant wheels with sleek design.
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      The Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY is a versatile city companion, easily maneuverable with one hand foldability. Its durable construction supports up... Read more Read more


      The Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY is a versatile city companion, easily maneuverable with one hand foldability. Its durable construction supports up to 24kg, with a lie-flat position for newborns and adjustable features for comfort. Puncture-resistant wheels and UPF50+ hood ensure safety and protection in any weather.

      Kinderkraft ASKOY Lightweight Stroller Color: ASKOY Cozy Grey KIDZNBABY

      Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY

      • Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY with 24 kg capacity in park setting

        Stroller Up To 24 kg

        A versatile stroller that grows with your child, from newborn to kindergartener, thanks to adjustable features and a sturdy frame.

      • Easy fold Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY demonstrated by a user

        Folding With One Hand

        Fold Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY in seconds with one hand. Perfect for stairs or public transport - easily carry it anywhere you go.

      • Woman pushing the Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY on stairs

        Easy Steering

        Maneuver with ease in city crowds. Durable, puncture-resistant wheels tackle any terrain, and the front wheels swivel or lock for precise control.

      • Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY folding mechanism detailed view

        Lie-Flat Position

        Adjustable footrest, quick and quiet lie-flat to sitting position for your child's comfort and convenience.

      • Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY highlighting UPF50+ and water-resistant features

        For Every Type Of Weather

        Weather-ready with waterproof UPF50+ hood, sun shade, and peek-a-boo window for your child's protection and your peace of mind.

      • Super Easy Folding

        Super Easy Folding

        Effortless and rapid, the Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY folds in seconds, offering unparalleled convenience and ease for on-the-go parents.

      Technical Data

      Dimensions & Weight Of Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY

      Rubber With Foam Filling

      Lightweight Foam

      Easy-To-Clean Material

      Additional Data
      • Child's age/weight/height : up to 22 kg
      • Product weight : 9 kg
      • Product dimensions :
      • Unfolded : 88 x 51 x 108 cm
      • Folded : 85 x 51 x 28 cm
      • Wheel diameter : front: 17 cm (7”), rear: 25 cm (9”)
      • Parent handle height : 106 cm
      • The set includes : Rain Cover, Cup Holder
      • Maximum basket load : 2 kg

      Kinderkraft Stroller ASKOY: Experience convenience and comfort with every stroll