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Kinderkraft MOOV 2 Stroller 3 IN 1

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  • Transformable 2-in-1 Seat
  • Large, Cushioned Wheels
  • Timeless Style
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    Meet the new Kinderkraft MOOV 2 Stroller 3 IN 1—a modern marvel designed for today’s active parents. Blending safety, comfort,... Read more Read more


    Meet the new Kinderkraft MOOV 2 Stroller 3 IN 1—a modern marvel designed for today’s active parents. Blending safety, comfort, and style, this new and innovative stroller makes every walk with your little one a delightful experience. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or enjoying a park stroll, the MOOV 2 is your best option.

    Key Features

    • Multi-functional 3-in-1 Design: Easily transform the spacious carrycot into a comfortable stroller.
    • Puncture-resistant Wheels: Large, cushioned wheels ideal for all terrains.
    • Stylish and Modern: Timeless elegance with various color options.
    • Practical Accessories: Includes universal adapters and the MINK PRO i-Size Car Seat.
    • High Safety Standards: Certified by the Stiftung Warentest Institute.

      Parents strolling with Kinderkraft MOOV 2 strollers, one black and one pink, on a city street with their children.


    Transformable 2-in-1 Seat: Imagine the convenience of switching from a cozy carrycot to a pushchair in just three moves! The MOOV 2’s versatile seat grows with your child, saving you the hassle and space of storing separate items.

    Puncture-resistant Wheels: Stroll confidently on any surface with our puncture-resistant, cushioned wheels. They’re perfect for uneven pavements and ensure a smooth ride for your baby.

    Modern Design: The MOOV 2 isn’t just functional; it’s a fashion statement. Its sleek frame and variety of colors make it a standout choice for stylish parents.

    Large Carrycot with Insert: Comfort starts from day one. The spacious carrycot with a soft insert ensures your baby feels secure and cozy.

    TRAVEL SYSTEM: Need to transfer your sleeping toddler from car to stroller? No problem. The included MINK PRO i-Size car seat and universal adapters make it seamless.

    Extendable Hood with UPF 50+ Filter: Protect your little one from the elements with a large hood that offers sun protection and a peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on them.

    Adjustable Handle and Seat: Customize the pushchair settings to fit both your height and your child’s needs, making every walk comfortable for everyone.

    Practical Features: A capacious basket, central STOP & RIDE brake, and a 5-point adjustable harness ensure both convenience and safety. Plus, the stroller folds easily for fuss-free travel.

    Where can you use MOOV 2?

    • City Walks: Navigate through bustling streets effortlessly with puncture-resistant wheels.
    • Travel: Utilize the TRAVEL SYSTEM to transition smoothly from car trips to strolls.
    • Outdoor Adventures: The extendable hood and cushioned wheels make park visits a breeze.
    • Daily Errands: The spacious under-seat basket holds all your essentials, from groceries to baby gear.

      A man pushes a Kinderkraft MOOV 2 stroller in a stylish urban setting. The stroller features a beige canopy and black base, ideal for modern parenting.

    Why choose the Kinderkraft MOOV 2?

    Make your parenting experience better today! Join satisfied parents and experience the joy of effortless, fashionable strolls with the Kinderkraft MOOV 2 Stroller 3 IN 1.

    Kinderkraft MOOV 2 Stroller 3 IN 1

    Parents strolling with Kinderkraft MOOV 2 strollers, one black and one pink, on a city street with their children.

    Meet MOOV 2: Kinderkraft’s Game-Changing Stroller

    Introducing the new Kinderkraft MOOV 2, the multi-functional 3-in-1 pushchair. This modern, practical, and stylish stroller is ideal for modern parents seeking the perfect multifunctional stroller. It features a transformable 2-in-1 seat that changes from a spacious carrycot to a comfortable pushchair in a matter of moments. With its large, cushioned, puncture-resistant wheels, MOOV 2 provides a smooth and enjoyable experience for both parent and child. It comes fully outfitted with a practical TRAVEL SYSTEM, including universal adapters and the MINK PRO i-Size Car Seat.

    Technical Data

    Every Part of Kinderkraft MOOV 2 Stroller 3 IN 1 in Black
    • Frame: Steel
    • Fabric: Polyester
    • Wheels: EVA Foam
    • Handle: Adjustable, ergonomic design
    • Hood: UPF 50+ protective fabric
    • Harness Pads: Soft, padded material
    • Carrycot Insert: Soft, comfortable fabric


    Additional Data
    • Age Range: From birth to 27 kg
    • Travel System Compatible: Yes, with MINK PRO i-Size car seat
    • Storage Basket Capacity: Up to 5 kg
    • Safety Features: 5-point harness, STOP & RIDE brake, SPS, H-GUARD
    • Folding Mechanism: Compact and easy to fold for travel
    • Included Accessories: Cup holder, leg warmer, mosquito net, rain cover, parent bag, car seat adapters

    Experience a stroller that makes parenting easier and more enjoyable. With the Kinderkraft MOOV 2, every outing is a breeze, from city strolls to family trips.