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Kinderkraft LEODY Travel Cot With Accessories

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        Introducing the perfect traveling friend for your little one, the Kinderkraft LEODY Travel Cot .The perfect choice for on the... Read more Read more


        Introducing the perfect traveling friend for your little one, the Kinderkraft LEODY Travel Cot .The perfect choice for on the go parents is this crib that function as a toddler bed and a changing table. LEODY is constructed to be both convenient and functional, with 2 base positions for newborns and toddlers, and can be used as a kids bed and a baby cot. Those accessories included, such as a collapsible changing table and laundry shelf, keep the essentials within forearm reach.

        LEODYs simple folding mechanism and standard size will convert it as an ideal travel Cot Bed. Excellent air-flow and visibility with mesh sides to keep your baby comfortable in any climate. Additionally, the toy mobile with lights and melodies stimulates sensory development and provides your baby with hours of amusement.

        Keep your little one safe and comfortable on the move with a baby cot bed that can be transformed into a toddler bed with mattress for longer use. Essential for any nursery or travel plan!

        Kinderkraft Travel Cot LEODY in home setting with mother and baby

        Kinderkraft LEODY Travel Cot With Accessories

        Father and child interacting beside Kinderkraft Travel Cot LEODY outdoors

        Main Benefits

        • Versatile Toddler Bed
        • Compact & Portable
        • Safe & Secure
        • Lightning Quick Folding

          Lightning Quick Folding

          Kinderkraft LEODY quick folding mechanism allows for the travel cot functionality combined with the convenient, fast folding option.

        • Dual Mattress Options

          Dual Mattress Options

          Adjustment of the base height of Kinderkraft LEODY for the convenience of parents and the wishes of the child.

        • Engaging Audio

          Engaging Audio

          Kinderkraft Travel Cot LEODY 3-in-1 has a mobile with sound, lights, and toys that help develop coordination and sensory stimulation.

        • Multiple Add-Ons

          Multiple Add-Ons

          The Kinderkraft LEODY has a quick change table and storage shelves in the back for the important childcare items. With a nappy changing cot bed is also with storage for diapers, wipes and lotions in the cot this cot bed is the perfect option for parents with room for only one bed for kids with all the trimmings Integrated storage solutions.

        • Breathable Mesh Sides

          Breathable Mesh Sides

          The mesh sides that can be found in this toddler bed make certain air circulation even during a hot night and allow you to keep an eye on your child Allowing for easy operation, the Kinderkraft LEODY performs a smooth action of the mechanism, providing optimal visibility for your contemporary baby cot or a little kids double bed frame.

        • Modern Wheels

          Modern Wheels

          The rear legs on the Kinderkraft Travel Cot LEODY have wheels for easy transportation of the short cot bed between the locations. We also have a powerful brake on each wheel, increasing the second lock on your baby's toddler bed. Perfect for on-the-go or to easily move around the house, the kids single bed that offers convenience with safety.

        Technical Data

        Dimensions Of Kinderkraft Travel Cot LEODY With Accessories

        High-quality materials: steel frame, durable polyester fabric, and robust plastic components. Ensures longevity and safety for your child's toddler bed and cot.

        Additional Data

        Fits standard mattress sizes, dimensions 129x73x110.5 cm. Ideal for both newborns and toddlers. Perfect for travel and home use with included accessories.


        The Kinderkraft LEODY travel cot is the ultimate baby cot and toddler bed solution for families, offering portability, safety, and convenience.