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Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW

Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW

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Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW, i-Size in Grey, Adjustable Safety Seat by KIDZNBABY

Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW: The All-in-One Car Seat for 0-12 Years!

The Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW is suitable for kids from 40 cm to 150 cm and complies with i-Size safety standards. It offers extra protection with H-GUARD and SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM+. This seat can be easily installed using ISOFIX and TOP TETHER, and it rotates 360° with the EASY SPIN system.

Product Video: Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW

Grey Kinderkraft car seat I-GROW with 360° rotation feature and ISOFIX base

Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW Main Benefits

  • Suitable for ages 0-12 years (40-150 cm)
  • EASY SPIN 360° for effortless child placement
  • EASY GROW SYSTEM adjusts for growth stages
  • Simple ISOFIX and TOP TETHER installation
  • i-Size R129 safety standard compliant
  • Kinderkraft car seat for children, JUNIOR model, with safety features
  • 360° Easy Spin system of Kindekraft Car Seat I-GROW in use
  • Kindekraft Car Seat I-GROW adapts from baby to 36kg child
  • Child in Kindekraft Car Seat I-GROW with H-Guard and side protection
  • Kindekraft Car Seat I-GROW with QR manual and ISOFIX system
  • Kindekraft Car Seat I-GROW features removable insert and cover
  • Kindekraft Car Seat I-GROW with headrest and recline adjustments
  • Kindekraft Car Seat I-GROW ensures travel safety for years
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Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW I-SIZE

Technical Data

Kinderkraft car seat I-GROW with adjustable height (61-72 cm) and base width (59-75 cm)


  • Material: Polypropylene (PP) Plastic
  • Shell: Durable Construction
  • Padding: Memory Foam and Regular Foam
  • Comfort Features: Includes Headrest and Seat Cushion
  • Upholstery: Polyester Fabric
  • Maintenance: Easy to Clean

Additional data

Child's Specifications:

  • Age/Weight/Height Range: Suitable for children 40 to 150 cm in height

Product Details:

  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Dimensions:
    Internal Seat Length:
    34 cm
  • Car Seat Length:
  • External Width: 44 cm
  • External Height:
    61 cm
  • Maximum: 81 cm


Safe, Convenient and Comfortable - Kinderkraft Car Seat I-GROW is the ideal car seat choice for growing families