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Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI

Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI

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Woman playing with baby in pink Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI by window.

Kinderkraft MIMI Bouncer: Relaxation and enjoyment for your baby

Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI soothes and minimizes overstimulation, with a detachable toy bar and three-stage adjustable backrest for customization. Soft fabric seat ensures natural resting posture with secure harnesses for safety and peace of mind for parents.

Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI in Beige by KIDZNBABY

Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI Main Benefits

  • Natural movement: Responds to baby's motions
  • Adjustable backrest: 3-stage for growing comfort
  • Travel-friendly: Lightweight and foldable
  • Detachable toys: Toy bar with 2 toys included
  • Minimalist design: Simple and functional

Product Video: Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI

  • Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI in pink with 10-year warranty symbol.
  • Mother with baby in gray Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI highlighting posture.
  • Portable Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI in beige, light and foldable design.
  • Baby in Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI with detachable toys and soft belt.
  • Cheerful baby in Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI with adjustable backrest.
  • Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI's washable and quick-drying fabric features
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Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI

Technical Data

Measurements of beige Kinderkraft Bouncer MIMI for children and parents.


  • Durable Light Aluminium Frame:
    Our product features a robust yet lightweight aluminum frame, offering both strength and ease of handling. The aluminum construction ensures durability, making it suitable for frequent use.
  • Quick-Drying, Pleasant-to-Touch Fabric:
    The fabric used in this product is not only quick to dry but also pleasant to the touch, providing a comfortable experience. It's designed to dry within a few hours, making it ideal for situations where rapid drying is essential.

Additional data

  • Dimensions:
    72 cm (Width) x 35 cm (Length)
    Backrest Height: Adjustable at 58.5 cm, 61.5 cm, and 64.5 cm
    Folded Size: 82 cm x 40 cm x 19 cm
    Seat: 28 cm x 15 cm
    Backrest: 46.5 cm x 31 cm
  • Weight:
    The product weighs 2.35 kg, making it lightweight and portable.
  • Usage:
    Suitable for children from birth up to 9 kg, or until the child starts to sit up.
  • Design Features:
    The product's design includes a foldable mechanism for easy storage and transport.
    The adjustable backrest height accommodates growing children, ensuring comfort and support.


The Kinderkraft MIMI Bouncer is an ideal choice for a comfortable and safe environment for your baby.