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Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE

Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE

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Child playing with baby in Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE

Kinderkraft CALMEE: A stylish bouncer-rocker for parent and child delight

Explore the Kinderkraft CALMEE, a minimalist bouncer-rocker designed for comfort and security. Easily switch to a high bouncer with IGEE or LIVY high chairs.

Baby in Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE, gray with mobile

Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE Main Benefits

  • Dutch minimalist design for simplicity and function
  • Compatible with LIVY/IGEE products
  • Interactive toy bar
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic support for healthy development
  • Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE with adjustable vibration for 0-9 kg babies.

    For The Little Ones

    The Kinderkraft CALMEE is a rocker-bouncer for babies up to 9 kg, providing a gentle rocking motion for soothing.

  • Secure and cozy Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE for infants with safety straps.

    Proper Body Positioning

    Comfortable seat ensures child's weight is evenly distributed for proper posture, enhanced by soft material.

  • Infant enjoying interactive toys on Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE.

    Safe Amusement

    Kinderkraft CALMEE includes a bar with 2 toys for motor development and a 3-point safety harness.

  • Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE, designed in the Netherlands for comfort.

    Functional Dutch Design

    Designed by Dutch creators for style and functionality.

  • Portable and lightweight Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE for easy travel.

    Efficient And Practical Design

    The Kinderkraft CALMEE is a lightweight bouncer for easy mobility between rooms, keeping your child close.

  • Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE with washable cover for hygiene.

    Super Easy To Clean

    Kinderkraft CALMEE ensures cleanliness with its washable cover for a hygienic seat.

  • Convertible Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE easily switches to high chair.

    High Bouncer

    Combine Kinderkraft CALMEE with LIVY or IGEE chair for a high bouncer at eye level.

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Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE

Technical Data

Dimensions of gray Kinderkraft Bouncer CALMEE detailed


  • Durable Light Aluminium Frame:
    Our product features a robust yet lightweight aluminum frame, offering both strength and ease of handling. The aluminum construction ensures durability, making it suitable for frequent use.
  • Quick-Drying, Pleasant-to-Touch Fabric:
    The fabric used in this product is not only quick to dry but also pleasant to the touch, providing a comfortable experience. It's designed to dry within a few hours, making it ideal for situations where rapid drying is essential.

Additional data

  • Sturdy Steel Frame:
    Designed for durability and stability.
    Ensures long-lasting use.
  • Cover Made of Quick-Drying Polyester:
    Chosen for its pleasant texture.
    Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Two Soft Toys Included:
    Made of soft polyester for a gentle touch.
    Provides entertainment and engagement.


Kinderkraft CALMEE is more than just a bouncer; it's a thoughtfully designed haven that nurtures your child's comfort