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Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE

Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE

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Happy child beside teal Kinderkraft TOVE Balance Bike with balloons

Kinderkraft TOVE Balance Bike: Standing Out With Its Innovative Design

Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE is ideal for kids 18 months to 25 kg, promoting balance and motor skills. It has carry handles, easy assembly, adjustable seat, and non-slip grips.

Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE in Blue by KIDZNBABY

Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE Main Benefits

  • Age Suitability: For children from 18 months.
  • Easy Transport: 2 carry handles for convenience.
  • Lightweight & Durable: Weighs only 2 kg.
  • Smooth Rides: Puncture-resistant foam wheels.
  • Excited child with Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE, 10-year warranty promotion
  • Toddler with light 2kg Kinderkraft TOVE Balance Bike
  • Choose your color, Kinderkraft TOVE Balance Bike in two shades
  • Kinderkraft TOVE bike with limited handlebar for safe learning
  • Kinderkraft TOVE Balance Bike details, suitable for 18+ months
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Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE

Technical Data

Dimensions Of Kinderkraft Balance Bike TOVE



  • Puncture-Resistant Wheels: The bike is equipped with wheels designed for durability and resistance to punctures, ensuring a smooth ride on various terrains. These wheels are not only robust but also lightweight, contributing to the overall ease of handling.
  • Material: The wheels are crafted from EVA foam, a material known for its lightweight and shock-absorbing properties. This choice of material aids in providing a comfortable ride while minimizing the risk of punctures.


  • Construction: The bike's frame is constructed from a combination of PP (Polypropylene) and TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) plastics. This blend offers a light yet sturdy build, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use without compromising on the bike's weight.
  • Features: The design emphasizes both lightness and durability, ensuring that the bike can endure various conditions while being easy to maneuver and transport.


  • Material: For the seat, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is utilized, known for its durability and flexibility. This material choice contributes to a soft and comfortable seating experience, enhancing rider comfort over long distances.
  • Design: The seat's design focuses on providing support and comfort, making it suitable for extended periods of riding. Its soft composition and ergonomic shape cater to the rider's comfort, making every journey enjoyable.

Additional data

  • Suitable for ages 18 months to children weighing up to 25 kg.
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 2 kg.
  • Assembled dimensions: 66.5 cm length, 45 cm width, 31 cm height.
  • Handlebar height fixed at 45 cm.
  • Adjustable seat height ranging from 30 cm to 35 cm for growing children.
  • Wheel diameter of 20 cm for stable and smooth rides.
  • Comfortable seat dimensions at 18.5 cm by 11 cm, designed for young riders.


With Kinderkraft TOVE, every ride becomes a joyful journey and endless fun for young explorers