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Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS

Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS

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Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS in a living room with mother and baby.

Kinderkraft SOFI PLUS, A Versatile 4-in-1 cot

The Kinderkraft Cot SOFI PLUS transforms into multiple functions and folds in five seconds for portability. It has adjustable base heights and includes a washable mattress with cover and two cotton sheets.

Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS in kitchen setting with mother and child.

Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS Main Benefits

  • Quick setup: Folds in 5 seconds for busy parents
  • Versatile design: Two mattress levels for sleep or play
  • Portable: Lightweight, ideal for travel
  • Complete set: Includes mattress and two sheets
  • Multi-functional: Serves as travel cot, cot, cradle, and playpen
  • Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS in four modes with caring mother

    A Reliable Cot Built To Last

    Kinderkraft SOFI PLUS: a multi-functional cot for infants up to age three. It transforms from a cozy sleeping space to a playpen and travel cot.

  • Woman assembling Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS in seconds.

    Unfolds in Just Five Seconds

    Easily transport the Kinderkraft SOFI PLUS with its quick folding design. Fold the cot in just five seconds.

  • Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS being stored compactly.

    Folds Flat

    Kinderkraft SOFI PLUS is light, compact, and comes with a travel bag for easy storage and transport.

  • Baby peering through Kinderkraft SOFI PLUS Travel Cot's mesh side.

    Constantly Keep an Eye on Your Child

    The Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS allows easy monitoring with mesh sides for visibility.

  • Kinderkraft SOFI PLUS Cot with washable mattress and spot pattern

    Mattress Equipped With Cover And Sheets

    The Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS includes a mattress with removable cover and two cotton sheets for easy cleaning.

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Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS

Technical Data

Dimensions of the gray Kinderkraft Baby Travel Cot SOFI PLUS.


  • Upper Rim: Made of Aluminium, offering a lightweight yet strong structure. This contributes to the overall ease of portability and durability of the product.
  • Frame: Constructed with Steel, ensuring a sturdy and reliable foundation. The steel frame adds to the cot's stability and longevity.
  • Mattress Cover and Sheets: Crafted from Cotton, which provides a soft and breathable surface for the child's comfort. Cotton is gentle on the skin and ideal for maintaining a comfortable sleep environment.
  • Insert: Made of Polyester, known for its durability and ease of cleaning. Polyester inserts are typically resistant to various stresses, including shrinking and wrinkling, making them a practical choice for a travel-friendly product.

Additional data

  • Child's Age/Weight/Height Suitability: Suitable for children from birth until they are three years old, or up to a weight limit of 15 kg. This range ensures the product can be used throughout a significant part of early childhood.
  • Product Weight: The product weighs 8.2 kg, which is relatively lightweight considering its multi-functionality. This weight makes it manageable for transportation and setup.
  • Product Dimensions:
    Unfolded: When set up, it measures 107 cm in length, 63 cm in width, and 71 cm in height. These dimensions provide ample space for a child to sleep or play comfortably.
    Folded: When folded, its dimensions are 97 cm by 63 cm by 14 cm, making it compact enough to store in smaller spaces or transport in a car.
  • Included in the Set: The product comes with a mattress, two sheets, and a carry bag. The inclusion of a carry bag enhances its portability, making it even more convenient for travel. The mattress and sheets ensure that the product is ready for use immediately after purchase, offering comfort and convenience for the child.


Kinderkraft SOFI PLUS: A versatile, travel-friendly 4-in-1 cot offering comfort, safety, and style for your child's evolving needs.