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Espiro Husky Stroller 2 IN 1

Espiro Husky Stroller 2 IN 1

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  • Maximum Weight of a child for Espiro YOGA StrollerMax childs weight
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Accesories compatible with Espiro Stroller Husky

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Espiro Husky Stroller 2 IN 1 in Beige Horizon by KIDZNBABY

Introducing Espiro Stroller Husky - The Ultimate Stroller for Year-Round Adventures!

Get ready for cooler weather with the Espiro Stroller Husky and its Winter Pack. Enjoy a hand muff, soft double-sided blanket, cozy sleeping bag, and thermal bottle case for warm drinks. Our stroller features waterproof fabrics to protect from rain and a sleek new black frame.

  • Espiro Husky Folding

    Super Easy To Fold

    The Espiro Bueno features a folding mechanism for easy storage and transport, fitting most strollers for everyday convenience.

  • Espiro Husky  Air Circulation

    Guarantee Of Optimal Air Circulation In The Stroller

    The Espiro Bueno stroller ensures optimal air circulation for your child's comfort during every ride.

  • Espiro Husky Hand Muff

    Hand Muff And Blanket Useful In Carrycot And Stroller

    Provide comfort to your child with the included hand muff and blanket for the Espiro Bueno stroller. Versatile and practical accessories.

  • Espiro Husky Pad

    Two-Sided, Elastic, Ergonomic Pad On The Stroller Seat

    Espiro Bueno stroller offers the ultimate comfort with a two-sided, elastic, ergonomic seat pad for exceptional support and relaxation.

  • Espiro Husky  Winter Sleeping Bag

    Winter Sleeping Bag For Maximum Coverage In Autumn And Winter

    Equipped with a winter sleeping bag that provides maximum coverage, the Espiro Bueno stroller ensures your child stays warm and cozy during autumn and winter outings.

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Dimensions & Weight of Espiro Husky

From the early days of your child's life to countless strolling adventures, get Espiro Stroller Husky and simplify the art of parenting