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Tutis Kinderwagen Viva 4 Eco-Leer

Tutis Kinderwagen Viva 4 Eco-Leer

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Accessories compatible with Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather

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An Elegant woman with Tutis Stroller Viva 4 in an urban setting

Introducing Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather - Practical luxury at its finest

Upgrade your strolls with high-end eco-leather strollers. These strollers are simple to clean, allergy-friendly, and provide protection against rain. Take your pick from Cloud, Vanilla, or Shadow Grey. The Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather combines elegance and advanced features like Thermo-Cot™ and shock absorption.

Lightweight Tutis Viva 4 Thermocot with dimensions & Weight

Ultralight And Thermal Carrycot

When it comes to the Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather carrycot, you can rest assured knowing that it is equipped with THERMO-COT™ technology. This advanced feature ensures the utmost safety by regulating the microclimate, preventing temperature changes and moisture accumulation, and keeping the mattress dry.

a gif showing the updated design of Tutis Stroller Viva 4

Updated design

Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather is an improved product in terms of both function and aesthetics. Its design is sleek and modern, while its shape ensures optimal safety.

Tutis Viva 4's Magnetic Clasp extension and retraction in GIF

Magnetic Clasp

With invisible magnetic clasps, Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather's improved leg cover includes built-in wind protection.

gif showing the backpack feature or accessory of the stroller


Elevate your fashion with the Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather backpack. Securely attach it to VIVA strollers and enjoy practical add-ons like rain protection, mosquito net, cup holder, and user guidebook.

a gif showing a feature of the Spacious shopping bag of the stroller

Spacious shopping bag

Each Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather comes with a sophisticated eco-leather shopping bag, perfect for storing all your shopping or baby essentials.

Tutis Stroller Mio Plus Thermo wheel detail showing suspension system

Tutis All-Road Technology Wheels

Crafted by Tutis' skilled engineers, the revolutionary All-Road Technology wheels excel in off-road and forest terrains, ensuring optimal comfort for all.

Close-up of a child in a black Tutis Stroller Mio Plus Thermo with storage basket

Double shock absorption

Experience a smooth, bump-free journey with Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather's double shock-absorbing system and All-Road Technology wheels.

Why is the Tutis Stroller Viva4 the top stroller choice?

Contents of Tutis Stroller Viva 4 package

What's in the box?

1. Carrycot 
2. Seat unit 
3. Sport chassis 
4. Rain protection 
5. Backpack
6. Cup holder 
7. Shopping basket 
8. Cover for carrycot 
9. Cover for seat unit 
10. Protective handle of seat unit 
11. Mosquito net 
12. Mattress
13. Elo I-Size Car Seat (If you choose 3 IN 1 Package)
14. Tutis Elo Isofix Base (If you choose 4 IN 1 Package)

Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather

Technical Data

Dimensions of Tutis Stroller Viva 4 models with weight indicators


⦁ Spacious ultrilight ThermoCot™ carrycot
⦁ Wind protection with magnetic clasps
⦁ Peek-a-boo window
⦁ Ventilation in the hood
⦁ Waterproof zipps
⦁ Decorative embroidery on canopy and leg cover
⦁ Special shiny eco-leather to be seen
⦁ Internal cotton fabrics with SILVER-IONS™ technology
⦁ Water-resistant and UV 50+ protection materials


⦁ 3rd generation maneuverable chassis
⦁ Double shock absorption
⦁ Tutis All-RoadTM Technology wheels for great maneuverability
⦁ Height adjustable eco-leather handle
⦁ Premium eco-leather enclosed shopping basket
⦁ Safer chassis. No gaps in bending points
⦁ One-click™ brake system
⦁ Fastenable front wheels
⦁ Aluminium chassis
⦁ Black and Antracite Grey chassis colours

Seat Unit

⦁ Comfortable seat unit with lie-flat position
⦁ Strolling module setting for with or against the direction of travel
⦁ Double hood extension with ventilation
⦁ 5-point harness system
⦁ Additional safely belt
⦁ Adjustable eco-leather footrest

Dimensions & Weight

Pram body inside dimensions / weight: 84×38 cm / 3,2 kg
Seat unit inside dimensions / weight: 96×40 cm / 4 kg
Car seat inside dimensions / weight: 71×31,5 cm / 3,2 kg
Chassis + wheels: 7,9 kg
Folded chassis fits into space: 75x59x36cm

Experience the perfect blend of practicality and luxury with the Tutis Stroller Viva 4 Eco-Leather