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Tutis Kinderwagen UNO5+ Eco-Leather

Tutis Kinderwagen UNO5+ Eco-Leather

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Accessories compatible with Tutis Stroller UNO5+ Eco-Leather

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Tutis Stroller Uno5+ in mint green showcased against a white background

Tutis Stroller UNO5+ Eco-Leather - Your Baby Will Thank You

Discover the revolutionary Tutis UNO5+ Eco-Leather Stroller, crafted with utmost care to provide unmatched comfort and flexible seating options. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary comfort of the advanced TM ThermoCot Technology, ideal for all your family outings.

Product Video: Tutis Stroller UNO5+ Eco-Leather

  • Illustration of Tutis Uno5+ with Thermocot technology


    Create a safer and cozier space for your baby with ThermoCot™. The ultra-light design and firm walls ensure maximum comfort.

  • Close-up of the Tutis Uno5+ stroller's wheel suspension


    Experience the ultimate comfort and convenience with our strollers featuring Tutis All-Road™ Technology. Conquer any terrain while ensuring a smooth ride for your little one.

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller in different configurations with check marks


    The Tutis Uno5+ seat unit is extremely versatile, as it can be folded in either direction. This feature provides you with the flexibility to adjust to any situation throughout your journey.

  • Tutis Uno5+ Zipper

    Adjustable Leg Cover With Waterproof Zippers

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller with Silver Ion technology mattress

    Inner Fabrics With SILVER-IONS™ Technology

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller with zipper for easy access

    Fade and UV 50+ Resistance

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller shock absorbers in action

    Shock Absorption Technology

  • Ventilation panel on the Tutis Uno5+ stroller carrycot

    Hood Ventilation

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller peek-a-boo window on the canopy

    Peek A Boo Window

  • Ventilation system feature on the Tutis Uno5+ stroller hood

    Ventilation And Additional Fabrics

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller in a horizontal position with blue measurement line

    Lie Flat Position

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller's spacious shopping basket highlighted

    Spacious Shopping Bag

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller chassis with adjustable handlebar

    Compact & Foldable Chassis

  • Close-up of Tutis Uno5+ stroller handle adjustment mechanism

    Height Adjustable Eco Handle

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller seat with multiple height positions highlighte

    3x Height Points

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  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller shown from different angles and folded dimensions

    UNO 5+ Fold Collapse Easily Into Both Directions

  • Comparison of Tutis Uno5+ stroller seat with and without cushion inserts

    New Matress With 3x Height Postions And Magnetic Harness

  • Close-up of the Uno5+ stroller foot shield versus Uno3, showing design differences

    Revised Foot Shield with Detachable Segment. Fresh Inconspicuous Emblem

  • Extended hood feature on Tutis Uno5+ stroller compared to Uno3 model

    Hood Extension - Activate Hood Extension without Pressing Buttons

  • Tutis Uno5+ vs Uno3 comparison showing adjustable stroller handles

    Sleeker Design, Redesigned Fixator, Easily Foldable for Maximum Convenience

  • Tutis Uno5+ stroller features with Uno3 comparison highlighting canopy and lock

    Sleek Design With Removed Shiny Lines, Zipper Locks, An Eco-Leather Bottom And An Elegant Badge

  • Side-by-side silhouette of Tutis Uno5+ stroller against Uno3 model

    Straightened Silhouette, a Reworked Tutis Symbol, Minimalistic Attractors, and Smooth Connecting Details

  • Tutis Uno5+ mom bag accessory beside Uno3's, showcasing enhanced storage

    New Mom's Bag Design: Subtle Badge, Closed Front Pocket

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Content display of Tutis Uno5+ stroller package with labeled parts and accessories

What's in the box?

1. Carrycot
2. Seat unit
3. The protective handle
of the seat