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Espiro Yoga vežimėlis 2 viename

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Daugiau nei vežimėlis – tai jūsų ramybės vartai. Puoselėkite vidinę ramybę ir džiaugsmą keliaudami harmonijoje, brangindami gyvenimo etapus. Read more Read more

Barcode: 5906724206474

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      Daugiau nei vežimėlis – tai jūsų ramybės vartai. Puoselėkite vidinę ramybę ir džiaugsmą keliaudami harmonijoje, brangindami gyvenimo etapus.

      Espiro Yoga vežimėlis 2 viename

      A woman with the Espiro Yoga Stroller

      Main Benefits

      • Tranquil Travel: Relaxing Voice of Nature system
      • Gentle Comfort: Bamboo-covered mattress for delicate skin
      • Quick-Fold Tech: Space-Saving Design
      • Voice Of Nature of Espiro Yoga Stroller

        Nature Sounds & Airy Canopy

        Spacious canopy with double ventilation and nature sound system. Ensures comfort, breathing, and calming environment for child's development.

      • Family in nature, and the new Espiro Yoga Stroller beside them

        Bamboo Mattress for Newborns

        Staying in nature regularly enhances immunity, reduces stress and pain, and increases energy levels. The Espiro Yoga Strp;;er includes a bamboo-covered mattress for newborns, providing safety and comfort during travel.

      • Woman doing yoga near the frame of the Espiro Yoga Stroller

        Cushioned Comfort & Safe Stops

        Equipping the Yoga model with a soft cushioning system ensures comfort and safety. The telescopic handle maintains correct body posture, while the stop&go brake system allows for peaceful breaks.

      • Carrycot of Espiro Yoga Stroller

        Weather-Proof Baby Oasis

        While creating the yoga stroller, a spacious carrycot was designed with an exceptionally large canopy extension to protect the baby from bad weather conditions, such as sun or snow.

      • Shock Absorbing System of Espiro Yoga Stroller

        Balanced & Easy to Carry

        Balanced design with cushioned elastic strap for easy transport.

      • Double Ventilation of Espiro Yoga Stroller

        Cool Breeze, Any Season

        Double ventilation optimizes air circulation within the carrycot, whether during hot summer days or while indoors with the stroller.

      Technical Data

      Espiro Yoga Stroller Calm Evening
      • Frame: Lightweight aluminum.
      • Mattress Cover: Bamboo fabric.
      • Canopy: Certified, flexible fabric.
      • Seat Insert: Double-sided, non-slip material.
      • Basket: Durable fabric, available in closed and open designs.
      Additional Data
      • Folding Mechanism: One-hand operation, vertical or flat storage.
      • Brake System: Stop&Go for immediate halting.
      • Handle: Telescopic, height-adjustable for proper posture.
      • Ventilation: Double system for enhanced air flow.
      • Safety Features: Reflective elements, secure carrycot release.

      Find your peace and style on every stroll with the Espiro Yoga 2024 Stroller.