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Kunert Poussette LAZZIO

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Découvrez l'élégance inégalée de Kunert LAZZIO : la poussette polonaise de Kunert , conçue pour une sécurité supérieure, un confort inégalé... En savoir plus En savoir plus

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        Découvrez l'élégance inégalée de Kunert LAZZIO : la poussette polonaise de Kunert , conçue pour une sécurité supérieure, un confort inégalé et un style intemporel.

        Kunert Poussette LAZZIO

        Vibrant Kunert Stroller LAZZIO with colorful pattern, perfect for stylish parents on the go

        Main Benefits

        • Quick Fold Design: Easy Setup & Storage!
        • Grows With Your Child: Newborn to Toddler!
        • Smooth Rides on Any Terrain With Gel Wheels!
        • Kunert Stroller LAZZIO profile view, showcasing its streamlined chassis and wheels

          Aluminium Frame - Stable And Strong

          The Kunert Stroller LAZZIO features a lightweight aluminum frame for effortless maneuverability and stability.

        • Sleek design of the Kunert Stroller LAZZIO carrycot with a black hood and body

          Spacious Padded Carrycot

          Kunert Stroller LAZZIO: spacious carrycot for your baby's comfort in any season.

        • Detail of the Kunert Stroller LAZZIO's wheel and suspension system for a smooth ride

          Advanced Suspension System

          Enhance your little one's comfort with Kunert Stroller LAZZIO's advanced suspension system for a smooth ride on all terrains.

        • Kunert Stroller LAZZIO in reclined position, highlighting the adjustable seat options

          Versatile Sport Seat Backrest

          Select from four adjustable positions on the Kunert Stroller LAZZIO for optimal comfort and support, from flat for quality sleep to upright for independent sitting.

        • Kunert Stroller LAZZIO's side profile with the seat upright, demonstrating the stroller's functionality

          Customizable Footrest

          Adjust footrest of Kunert Stroller LAZZIO for comfortable sleeping position, no more dangling legs for cosier naptime.

        • Ventilation system in Kunert Stroller LAZZIO carrycot for optimal airflow

          All-Weather Comfort

          Stay comfortable and protected year-round with Kunert Stroller LAZZIO's versatile sport seat.

        Technical Data

        Versatile configurations of the Kunert Stroller LAZZIO with carrycot and seat options
        • Aluminium Frame: Lightweight and durable.
        • Eco Leather: Used on the handlebar for grip.
        • Gel Material: Composes the all-terrain wheels.
        • Fabric: Covers the carrycot, sport seat, and accessories.
        • Plastic: Used in various components like buckles and adjustments.
        Additional Data

        Length : 95 cm
        Width : 59 cm
        Height : 125 cm
        Weight : 12,8 kg

        Length : 95 cm
        Width : 59 cm
        Height : 115 cm
        Weight : 11,5 kg